The Club Championship is awarded seasonally to the club who garners the most points throughout the entire league.  It is the grandest prize of the Skyline Club Soccer League.  Two Club Champions have been crowned since the spring of 2010.  A Premier Club Champion and Classic Club Champion are determined through club points earned by each team’s performance.  Club points accumulated in Classic Divisions will be tabulated separately from club points earned in Premier Divisions.  Each team entered in the league may earn club points for their local association through their team’s results.

In all Divisions (Premier and Classic) points will be allocated with 2 points for last place and increments of two points for each place closer to first.  First place teams will receive an extra two point bonus in addition to the standard two point deviation.  A five team division would be tabulated as follows for example (starting with the fifth place team): 2, 4, 6, 8, 12.  Clubs that are able to provide multiple teams in a particular division will be awarded points for each team.  If teams tie for a position, the points for the positions in the standings involved are totaled and divided by the number of teams involved in the tie.

In the Premier Club Championship the expectation is that all clubs competing for this championship will field teams in a minimum of half of the Premier divisions.  Points will be allocated for all teams in each division.  Club points will always be distributed based upon the standard point scale, regardless of whether a club fields a team in a particular division or not.

In Premier Divisions, teams from Classic clubs may play up into premier divisions where space permits and team competition level aligns.  In this case, the team’s club points will count towards their club’s total in the Classic Club Championship.  They will receive whatever points they earn through their place in each division’s final standings.

Current Premier Club Champion – Spring 2021

SOCA – Soccer Organization of the Charlottesville Area

Final Standings – Spring 2021

SOCA – 82
Valley United Football Club – 44
Augusta United SC – 26
Salem Soccer Club – 26
Christiansburg Soccer Club – 14
** Orange Soccer Association – 14
** Piedmont Youth Soccer League – 8
** Danville Soccer Club – 2
** Clark County Soccer League – 2


** Premier points added to Classic Club overall totals.

Past Premier Club Champions

Fall 2005                                              Spring 2006
Lynchburg United                               Harrisonburg Soccer Association

Fall 2006                                            Spring 2007
SOCA                                                    SOCA

Fall 2007                                             Spring 2008
SOCA                                                    SOCA

Fall 2008                                               Spring 2009
SOCA                                                    Augusta Futbol Club

Fall 2009                                               Spring 2010
New River United                                 New River United

Fall 2010                                                Spring 2011
SOCA                                                    New River United

Fall 2011                                                 Spring 2012
Central Virginia United
                       Central Virginia United

Fall 2012                                                 Spring 2013
Central Virginia United                        Central Virginia United

Fall 2013                                               Spring 2014
Central Virginia United                         Central Virginia United / New River United

Fall 2014                                               Spring 2015
Central Virginia United                         New River United

Fall 2015                                               Spring 2016
Central Virginia United                          New River United

Fall 2016                                                    Spring 2017
New River United                                    SOCA – Charlottesville

Fall 2017                                                    Spring 2018
Valley AFC                                            SOCA – Charlottesville

Fall 2018                                                     Spring 2019
Valley AFC                                            SOCA – Charlottesville

Fall 2019                                                Spring 2020
Valley AFC                                             COVID – 19

Fall 2020                                                Spring 2021
Valley AFC                                              SOCA



Current Classic Club Champion – Spring 2021

SOCA – Soccer Organization of the Charlottesville Area

Final Standings – Spring 2021

SOCA – 50
Orange Soccer Association – 26
Salem Sabres – 22
Piedmont Youth Soccer League – 22
Clark County Soccer League – 22
Nelson Express Travel Soccer – 16
Christiansburg Soccer Club – 14
Fluvanna Youth Soccer Association – 14
Greene Football Club – 14
Valley United Football Club – 10
Shenandoah County Soccer League – 10
Culpeper – 8
Smith Mountain Lake – 8
New River United – 6
Danville Soccer Club – 6
Bedford Soccer Association – 2
Central Virginia United – 2


Past Classic Club Champions

Spring 2010                                              Fall 2010
Fluvanna Youth Soccer Association         Fluvanna Youth Soccer Association

Spring 2011                                               Fall 2011
Heart of Virginia Soccer Club                 Fluvanna Youth Soccer Association

Spring 2012                                               Fall 2012
Greene Futbol Club                                    Fluvanna Youth Soccer Association

Spring 2013                                               Fall 2013
Powhatan Soccer Association                      SOCA

Spring 2014                                               Fall 2014
SOCA                                                           SOCA – Charlottesville

Spring 2015                                                Fall 2015
SOCA – Charlottesville                                  SOCA – Charlottesville

Spring 2016                                                Fall 2016
SOCA – Charlottesville                                   SOCA – Charlottesville

Spring 2017                                                 Fall 2017
SOCA – Charlottesville                              SOCA – Charlottesville

Spring 2018                                                       Fall 2018
SOCA – Charlottesville                                       SOCA – Charlottesville

Spring 2019                                                          Fall 2019
SOCA – Charlottesville                                   Fluvanna Youth Soccer Association

Spring 2020                                                          Fall 2020
COVID-19                                                    Piedmont Youth Soccer League

Spring 2021